We are moving! (blog address change)

 We have made a new permanent location for our blog.  It seems as though somethings are just better together and with so much to start up having our blog right on our website seems like the right move. We are grateful for those of you who follow us here. Below is the new link to find the same content just a different address. Please be sure to subscribe there so you wont miss any of our updates moving forward. WE LOVE YOU and CHERISH YOUR SUPPORT!  Love Because 4:19 Blog

Love Because Dec 2020-Jan 2021 Update

Love Because 4:19 I ntroduction and Dec 2020- Jan 2021 Update: What started out as a random acts of kindness, Facebook Group, has grown into a dream of something more permanent and impacting. Caleb and I wanted to continue the ministry of walking alongside the warriors we worked with, the widows we loved and the wanderers that wandered their way to us and others. We started to dream of creating a space for community and opportunities for our tribe to blend together. A place where Warriors, Widows and Wanderers could come to serve and to be served by one another. The long term goal is a camp where some could come for a weekend and others for much longer to get rejuvenated, empowered and prepared for the next leg in their journey. No matter their length of stay our hope is that our Love Because community will become a forever home for the heart of the Warrior, Widow and Wanderer a place to find healing, hope and encouragement. In the meantime Love Because will still be a place of random

Kopp Family 2020 Update

Here is a little update from The Kopp Family from the year of 2020 to present: January 2021 marks Caleb's 18th year in the Army. He is currently serving as a Senior Drill Sergeant here at Fort Benning where we reside, and was accepted into the 3rd year Drill program which will extend our stay here until he retires or gets a promotion that would possibly change our course… again. He has juggled being a daddy drill while also being an amazing dad and husband at home. He has worked hard this past year to make his way as a Senior and it has not gone unnoticed. His command has honored him with high remarks and excellent reviews. While my health struggled a lot this year, mentally and physically (even before covid set in) we navigated some huge medical hurdles and have actually been able to start the process of elimination and exploration of things that could be causing the issues. Along with a long list of doctor appointments, I have kept myself busy launching our new Nonprofit (more in